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All sorts

Camping, cycling, walking, busing, swimming, sunbathing, eating, drinking, enjoying, chatting, watch...
By: Lois Conrad Posted: 23 Nov 14


I went to have a manicure today, and I asked to paint my nail as light blue color because I thought ...
By: Siu Fung Tse Posted: 23 Nov 14

Escape from the mundane

Perth is a great city, but it is still too urbanized compared with Rotto. Visit Rotto once a while t...
By: Siu Fung Tse Posted: 23 Nov 14


I am so looking forward to snorkel on Rotto, so I prepared myself a pair of snorkelling goggles that...
By: Portia Wong Posted: 23 Nov 14


Smooth clear waters with glinting sun glimmering - oh, what a place to be! Rotto I love you!
By: Lois Conrad Posted: 22 Nov 14