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Latest Travel Stories

The Ferry Ride

For me, my annual week on Rottnest Island begins the moment I step onboard the Ferry.  It is li...
By: Marg Gould Posted: 19 Aug 14

Fossil corals in Salmon Bay

We got a tip from a friend of ours and decided to explore the fossil coral reef at the far end of Sa...
By: Michael Parger Posted: 17 Aug 14

Cycling Rotto

On our last trip to Rotto, we decided for the first time to cycle around the island and it was great...
By: Michael Parger Posted: 17 Aug 14

An amazing food experience

I'm not one for eating oysters, I don't like the look of them at all so never wanted to try one.&nbs...
By: Marg Gould Posted: 01 Aug 14

King Skink

Whilst bicycling toward the Wadjemup Lighthouse (also known as Rottnest Island Light Station), we sa...
By: Elise Bekele Posted: 13 Jul 14