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Latest Travel Stories


White sand beaches and turquoise seas. Oh my what a wonderful place! Yes please!
By: Lois Conrad Posted: 07 Oct 14

Barefoot adventures

Yep, I can see it now.  Warm days, warm nights, warm memories.  It will be nice to kick of...
By: Joan Susi Posted: 07 Oct 14

Fun in the sun

Well here it is another work day. I'm about to have my first coffee and some toast, and then it's in...
By: Joan Susi Posted: 07 Oct 14

Amazing Rottnest

Amazing that Rottnest Island is named the nation's No.1 destination ahead of the Whitsundays and Mar...
By: Lois Conrad Posted: 06 Oct 14

The final countdown

Wow - I can nearly count the number of days before our holiday starts on both hands. Wow. ...
By: Joan Susi Posted: 06 Oct 14